Can Jimbo Recruit?

It was suggested to me that Ed Orgeron would be a better recruiter than Jimbo Fisher. Because of this, Orgeron should be the preferred candidate.

Orgeron is a great recruiter, having recruited pro-level talent at Miami, Syracuse, USC, Ole Miss, and now LSU. But I think recruiting, or at least overseeing recruiting, is one of Jimbo’s biggest skills.

Here’s Florida State’s recruiting track record from 2007 to the present.

Year National Recruiting Rank
2007 24
2008 13
2009 13
2010 (enter Jimbo) 7
2011 2
2012 3
2013 11
2014 4
2015 3
2016 2

Jimbo became the head coach of Florida State in January of 2010. If you look after 2010, the recruiting rankings go up considerably. They were in the top 5 every year but 2, and Jimbo even had them in the top three 4 times out of 7. Jimbo finished outside of the top ten one time. He effectively returned Florida State to the recruiting glory years under Bowden, and he did it almost immediately after he assumed the head coaching position.

This isn’t to say Jimbo is better at recruiting than Orgeron, but it’s pretty clear that Jimbo can recruit at a high level.

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