Who Has Coach O Beaten?

After a deflating loss, Ross Dellenger of the Advocate has reported that Coach O went from a very probable hire to a somewhat unlikely hire. If this is true, the loss to Florida may prove one of the most consequential games in recent LSU history, as it may significantly determine if Orgeron gets the job.

This new found hesitancy on Coach O offers the opportunity to ask the question–Who has Coach O beaten?

Under Orgeron, LSU is 4-2. Below, I’ve listed the four teams that Orgeron’s beaten and their records.

  1. Missouri (3-8)
  2. Southern Miss (5-6)
  3. Ole Miss (5-6)
  4. Arkansas (7-4)

There is only one team there that is guaranteed to play in a bowl.

When you look a little deeper into those teams, there’s even less encouragement for Orgeron supporters.

LSU may have looked great and set offensive records against Missouri and Southern Miss, but those teams are bad. Missouri has 1 win in conference, against Vanderbilt. And while LSU put up 42 points on them, others have done similar or worse–Kentucky scored 35, Florida scored 40, Middle Tennessee scored 51, and Tennessee scored 63. LSU’s defense looked great in those games too, but they always look great, even in the waning Miles’ years.

Southern Miss has 5 wins, including 1 against Kentucky. But they’ve lost to Texas San Antonio, Old Dominion, Troy, and Charlotte. I didn’t even know Charlotte had a college football team. LSU scored 45 on Southern Miss, but Old Dominion scored 35 and Charlotte scored 38 on them.

Ole Miss, a talented team that had high pre-season hopes, has not been good either. They have 5 wins, 2 of which are against Georgia Southern and Wofford. In conference, they’ve only beaten Texas A&M and Georgia, and managed to lose to Vanderbilt by double digits, albeit with Chad Kelly out. And it should be said that early in the season, Ole Miss did only lose to Bama by 5.

The Arkansas win is a good win. Arkansas is a good team, the game was there, and LSU beat them handily, there can be no disagreement on that.

But, the question remains, is this resume that impressive? Is it more or less impressive considering Orgeron’s experiences at USC and Ole Miss? Does it merit being given one of the ten, perhaps five best jobs in college football?

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